Friends For Life

Relationships Are The Most Priceless Treasure In Life – Other Than Life Itself… Of Course!

On this page you will discover how I came to adopt the Friends for Life philosophy and what exactly this means for your photography with me.

For a few years now I have been on a photography hiatus of sorts, having become quite frustrated with the direction of photography in St Lucia.

Turns out that with some hotels taking over photography, delivering sub-standard service and then blocking photographers like me from shooting weddings on their properties many St Lucia photographers found themselves selling their services for un-sustainably low sums of money.

At the same time the quality of St Lucia photography sank to an all time low and quite a number of brides started flying in their own photographers to ensure wedding photography that was up to their expectations.

Then in 2013 the St Lucia Tourist Board held its inaugural Annual Wedding Symposium to celebrate the fact that St Lucia had once again won the World Travel Award for Best Honeymoon Destination in the entire world.

Now St Lucia has won the title of World’s Best Weddings & Honeymoons Destination more times than any other place in the world and I was ecstatic that the St Lucia Tourist Board had decided to promote this great achievement of my island home.

With this announcement I immediately realized that this symposium would positioned St Lucia to attract even more destination weddings and I instantly knew that it was time to come out of my self imposed exile from wedding photography.

By the end of the Tourist Board’s introduction of the wedding symposium in September 2013 I had decided that I would offer a World Class photography service for brides who expect the very best.

This service would feature:

  • An initial Wedding Consultation
  • A Private Wedding Website for the bride and groom to share with family and friends
  • Pre-wedding photo sessions
  • Whole Island Wedding Photography Extravaganzas
  • Heirloom Wedding Albums from a top California Wedding Fulfillment House for Professional Wedding Photographers Only
  • Album covers in Leather, Silk, Acrylic or Metal with a photo stamped on top
  • Wedding Calendars
  • Large prints on Canvas, Acrylic, Metal or Bamboo
  • Wedding DVD Slide Shows… and so much more

Best of all these items could be shipped to brides anywhere in the world …

In fact the more I thought about it is the more I realized that by coming out of hibernation finally St Lucia Destination Brides would no longer need to fly in photographers as I would provide a service that was comparable and maybe even better than what the photographer they fly in could deliver.  Best of all brides would save on the airfare and accommodations that they would have paid to travel with a photographer.

And it was then that the idea of “Friends for Life” hit me as I realized that I wasn’t even concerned about the money and payment options and all that stuff, but instead I was just excited that finally St Lucia Destinations Brides would have a true friend in St Lucia to genuinely look out for them.  You see by this time I had become tired of the countless horror stories I had heard of and seen on wedding forums and Trip Advisor about angry and frustrated brides who were left in tears after having their wedding photos ruined by clueless hotel photographers.

The Idea Behind Friends for Life Is A Simple One…

In considering my photography I want you to know that my total commitment is to you.  I want you to get to know me and for us to get to know each other long before you commit to any of my photography.  Let’s discuss your most spectacular photography dream, be it for your wedding, a photo tour, a honeymoon shoot or any other kind of photography for that matter.

This way we will first become friends and only then do I want you to consider my services as you will truly know that I have your back since the one thing friends do is look out for each other.

But I don’t want us to be friends just for the duration of your St Lucia vacation.  Instead I want us to become Friends for Life and my promise to you is that I never let my friends down – a fact that you too will soon discover.

So bookmark this page.  Explore the site some more.  Check out my reviews on Trip Advisor or just ask about me in the St Lucia forum there.  Then after doing all of this simply fill out your First Name and email address then write me a little note in the comments section about what you are looking for and I will personally contact you within 24 hours.

One Love,
Kirk Elliott

Friends for Life

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