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The Ultimate St Lucia Photography Workshop Is Missing You…


If You Own A Digital SLR And Will Be Visiting St Lucia, Whether On
A Cruise Ship Or At A Hotel, The St Lucia Photo Tour
Is The Perfect Excursion For You…



Perfect For All Photography Levels From Beginner To Advanced …This St Lucia Photo Workshop Will Take Your Photography To A Whole New Level…

Kirk Has 25+ Years of Hands On Professional Photography Experience

St Lucia Photographer - Kirk elliott
Kirk Elliott

With 20+ years of Commercial & Wedding Photography experience Kirk has worked with the best photographers and photo outfits in the world from St Lucia to Hawaii, over in Miami, New York and California, and all across the Caribbean too. With oodles of dollars spent on training and supplies and equipment to date, Kirk will share everything he knows with you and at the end of your day with him your head will be spinning (in a really good way) and you will come away with a whole new insight into how to create world class photography – GUARANTEED…


6 Hours of Photography Learning, Sharing & Exploring Awaits You

Your Photo Safari starts at 9:00 AM at the Castries Car Park and ends at 3:00 PM for a rock solid 6 hours of hands on photography learning.

8:00 – 8:30 AM

Kirk will pick you up from any hotel within a 10 mile radius of Castries, or meet you at the cruise ship terminal if you are on a cruise between 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM allowing us to arrive in downtown Castries by 9:00 AM. If you are staying outside Castries you can simply meet up with us at the Castries Car Park and we have a special car rental package to get you on your way.

Staying South of Castries & Prefer To Have Kirk Come To You?

…Then simply include this in a note to Kirk in the form at the bottom of this page and we will explore some options…

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • Elements of Composition – The Rule of Thirds and how and when to break it
  • Using diagonals to add energy to your compositions
  • A nifty little trick for adding depth and three dimensionality to your photos
  • Snell’s Law, light fall off and how using a flash can be a total waste of time
  • Why I shoot nearly all my pictures with flash – even in the middle of the day
  • How to get a straight horizon every time – the simplicity of this one will amaze you
  • The Ultimate street photography and how to get strangers to pose for you
  • The most effective way to use a polarizer – Guaranteed
  • Why Kirk always looks through his viewfinder with his left eye while keeping his right eye open
  • The Michael Angelo Theory and how it can get you perfect pictures
  • …And so much more

This St Lucia Photo Tour Is Like No Other Photo Tour You Have Ever Been On

St Lucia Photography
Hand Crafted Fishing Boats in Anse La Raye – St Lucia

A day in St Lucia with Kirk is a very special day like no other day you’ve had before and unlike any other day you’ll ever have again. Here’s why…
Kirk is one of the Best known photographers in St Lucia as well as one of the St Lucia’s most recognized faces. This is because Kirk is often on St Lucia TV championing some cause – whether it is creating a photography competition that dares the youth to dream their biggest dream, or speaking out against something in the society that he thinks should be improved, championing a national photography competition, or something else that hits the local spotlight.
So as you make your way around with Kirk on a St Lucia Photography Tour you will find yourself creating street photography like you never dreamed possible simply because all of St Lucia knows and loves Kirk… and you will get to experience some of that love too just because you are with him!

Best of all, once you sign up for a St Lucia Photo Tour Kirk will work with you to determine what you would like to accomplish on the tour and he will blend this into the training. This personalized training that is geared to your specific photography needs is just one of the many features that sets a Kirk Elliott St Lucia Photo Tour apart and just one of the things that participants can’t stop raving about.


Jim Hurst Testimonial


St Lucia Photo Tour - Jim & Kirk
Kirk & Jim

I first met Kirk Elliott at a photo workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2005. The only reason that I even knew about St. Lucia at the time was that I had been a medial volunteer at St. Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort in 1992.

St Lucia Photo Tour - Gros Islet
Mending Fishing Nets in Gros Islet

Fast forward to 2013 when my wife Suzanne and I were looking for a tropical paradise in which to shoot, without the 16 hour plane ride to Hawaii. Actually, on a whim, I emailed Kirk, who immediately responded, “come on down.” If ever there was a crown jewel in the Caribbean, it has to be St. Lucia. What really made the trip was Kirk.

His engaging , yet low-key style, is perfectly suited to photographers of all skill levels. His approach to basic composition, all the way up to advanced camera mechanics, is simply phenomenal.

His knowledge of his native island, its people and its history made this trip, perhaps, the best photo tour I have ever taken. He took us to places, even the most experienced tourist would have difficulty locating. Bravo, Kirk! I have only one problem; i.e., looking for an excuse to return sooner rather than later.

Jim Hurst, Florida, USA


You Will Shoot A lot While Kirk Will Speak A Lot

A Kirk Elliott Photography Workshop differs from most other workshops because of Kirk’s intimate knowledge of St Lucia and also because Kirk encourages you to shoot a lot and he will look over your shoulder to point out more effective ways for you to achieve your photography goals. And when Kirk Shoots he will show you what he has shot and why he shot the way he did. It is this one on one interaction that makes your day out with Kirk so exciting and rewarding.

Just 10 Photographers Once or Twice Per Week

With just 10 photographers on a St Lucia Photo Tour with Kirk you know that you will get to spend lots of one on one time with him. Our photo tours generally go out on a Tuesday or a Thursday leaving you plenty of time to use your new skills to create spectacular pictures of locations you will visit during the rest of your stay in St Lucia after your photo safari, or of other ports you will visit on your cruise.

Spouses Are Welcome

Why not bring your spouse or partner along as these St Lucia Photography Tours are about so much more than just photography as we explore St Lucia history, it’s culture, it’s folklore and so much more.

Take our trip to the Castries Market as an example of this. In the market you will meet real salt of the earth St Lucians, from the fish vendors who will pause from cleaning fish that’s fresh from the sea just to pose for you; or the produce vendor who will sell you a bag of mangoes and pose with you for pictures too. This will be an amazing day of learning all about the real St Lucia and not just the St Lucia that exists behind your hotel’s walls


What To Bring

  • Your camera
  • Your Flash
  • Your Camera & Flash Manuals ( In fact these should always be in your camera bag)
  • A Tripod (Optional but highly recommended)
  • A cable release
  • A macro lens
  • Lenses to cover the range of 24 mm – 200 mm on a camera with a full frame sensor
  • Polarizing filter
  • UV filter
  • Micro fiber cloth
  • Comfortable shoes (ideally sneakers)
  • Memory cards
  • Camera Bag
  • A large garbage bag to ties your camera bag in should it rain and we are unable to get to shelter quickly
  • Money for souvenirs and tips for vendors who pose
  • Any other items that you deem to be necessary


Tipping Allowed

While Kirk will generally tip vendors where applicable, you’d be amazed at how animated some vendors will get simply because you cared enough to hand them a few dollars and this can sometimes pave the road for some amazing street photography. So it’s a good idea to walk with small change in US dollars for tips for some of the folks who will pose for you along the way.


What To Wear

  • Dress comfortably – Shorts or slacks are great and
  • Sneakers are recommended
  • Carry sun screen
  • Insect Repellant


Where We Will Shoot


St Lucia Photo Tours - Castries Fish Market

  • We all meet at the Castries Car Park at about 9:00 AM for introductions and a photo briefing
  • Next we head into the Castries Market. National Geographic rated the Castries Market is the #3 food market in the world! Now imagine exploring this market for an hour or more and photographing some of Kirk’s favorite market vendors
  • Next we head to the Castries City Center for photos of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, a building that is well over 100 years old
  • Then it’s off to the 400 year old Massav tree, the Derek Walcott Square named after St Lucia’s Nobel Prize winner for Literature and the colonial architecture of the Dale Carnegie Castries Central Library as well as other architectural points of interest in the city
  • After spending two hours or so in downtown Castries we head up to The Pink Plantation House. This is an old colonial estate great house dating back to the days of slavery. The great house is perched high up on a hill overlooking Castries and on a clear day the views are stunningly spectacular all the way to Martinique in the north
  • St Lucia Photo Safari - Marigot Bay
    Multi-Million Dollar Mega Yachts in Marigot Bay

    Lunch is served at the Pink Plantation House and you can expect to spend about U$25 per person on lunch as the restaurant has a rather extensive menu

  • Next we head down to Marigot Bay – one of the most picturesque harbours in the entire Caribbean. Expect to see million dollar yachts, kids at play, beach side souvenirs on sale, artisans crafting birds and bird feeders from dried coconuts … and so much more…

By the time we come to the end of the day your head will be swimming with the tips and tricks that Kirk will share with you as he holds nothing back.

You will get to see how Kirk thinks when shooting, allowing you to marry this with your style, extracting the best from Kirk’s world of photography and blending it with your unique style to take your photography to great new heights. And even when the day is over we will still not be through as Kirk encourages you to email him your 3 favourite photos for review and sharing (with your permission of course)in the password protected members area of the photo forum. This is how committed Kirk is to helping you take your photography to soaring new heights.

Pepper Mintz Testimonial

St Lucia Photo Safari Image
In The Castries Market



Just returned from Kirk’s photo tour and my head is spinning – but in a good way. Kirk’s vast photo knowledge and easy teaching style made the trip really great and now I can hardly wait to go try some new tricks when my husband goes out golfing tomorrow…

Pepper Mintz, Canada


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